Unlimited Truck and Trailer Repair

DPF Repair

By now, almost all trucks on the road comply with the strict government mandate of the tier 4 emission standard. That means all trucks 2009 and newer must have a particulate trap filter and a (NOx) reduction system installed. This works excellent in reducing harmful emissions and particulate matter in the atmosphere, however, for the owner of the truck, this emission technology can become a nightmare very quickly with expensive repair bills, long down time, and incomplete repairs. It can become very frustrating when the flashing DPF light comes on just miles after a repair has been done. Addressing that check engine light quickly can reduce the cost by eliminating the root cause before more damage is done to the system. Here at Unlimited, we have been diagnosing and repairing aftertreatment system faults for 10 years now, so we know what works to fix to those complex systems correctly the first time. Local hotels and transport available. Our labor rate is $110/Hr.

DPF Cleaning

Aftertreatment filters require maintenance just like every other part of the truck. Having your DPF and DOC filters cleaned routinely will allow your engine to run efficiently and keep the MPG up along with eliminating the costly and unnecessary repair bills and down time.

Forced Filter Regeneration

We understand that sometimes time is not available for an extensive Aftertreatment repair; we have top of the line software which allows us to force the engine into a regeneration state and clean the filter temporarily, allowing you to complete your run and make the repairs later.

DEF/SCR Maintenance and Repair

Selective catalytic reduction, or commonly referred to as SCR, is the final step in reducing NOx emissions from your diesel engine. This process uses purified water and urea, or commonly referred to as DEF, and is injected into the hot exhaust stream through a dosing valve. The DEF then reacts with the Reductant catalyst filter producing clean emissions. The problems start when the DEF becomes contaminated or the dosing valve gets clogged. Through the years we have learned that performing preventative maintenance procedures on the DEF/SCR system will keep filter life at its max and repair bills low.

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