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Diesel Engine Overhaul / Rebuilds

Diesel Engine Overhaul

If you notice coolant leaking from your radiator cap, there’s a good chance you are building excessive pressure in the cooling system, and this means your engine has blown a head gasket. While this is a common repair, the root cause of the failure can sometimes be missed if all the correct procedures are not done.We know a head gasket does not just fail on its own; there is always reason for the failure. Over the years we found incorrect liner protrusion is the most common reason for a blown head gasket. It is standard procedure here to measure and analyze all 6 liner protrusions before any decision on the repair is made. If the liner protrusion measurements are off, further disassembly of the engine is required. With the piston and liners removed, we would inspect the engine block for signs of wear on the deck and etching in the counter boars. We then machine the block and install the correct shims to bring the liner protrusion back to spec. This repair allows the head gasket to get the correct seal around the combustion chamber preventing the gasket from blown again. 

Give us a call or stop in for a detailed quote.  Local hotels and transport available. Our labor rate is $110/Hr.

Valve Adjustment/ Injector Height Adjustment

All diesel engines use valves and highly precise injectors to produce the desired horse power and fuel economy. With every revolution of the crankshaft the valve seats wear, causing the valve to rise – this reduces valve lash causing premature camshaft and rocker arm wear.  Having your valves and injector height adjusted periodically will increase MPG and reliability. Whether your engine has 100K or 1M miles, preventative maintenance on the valve train is an absolute must to keep your diesel engine healthy and problem free.

Rod And Main Bearing Maintenance

The crank shaft is the heart of all internal combustion engines, it must always be in pristine condition or oil pressure will be sacrificed. With EGR circulating through the intake and into the cylinder most of the soot and ash is burn and passed through the exhaust into the DPF filter, but there is still small amounts of the highly abrasive soot left on the cylinder walls which then circulates through the entire lubrication system eventually bypassing the oil filter and damaging the finish on the crank shaft bearings. By replacing the rod and main bearings and inspecting the oil pump you can greatly increase the life of your engine.

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