Want more Bling?

Our Wheel Polishing machine will return your wheels to a like new condition.

Wheels are sanded & polished. Sizes from 15" to 24.5" and Super Singles. Wheels must be dish type (no spokes). You can bring them in On-the-truck...we'll dismount & re-mount them for you.  Or you can bring them in Off-the-truck, tires and all...we'll break them down, polish them up, & have them ready to put back on your truck or trailer.  For Car Wheels, call John for a free quote. we also have polished wheels for sale!!!

Call us at 636-456-5800 Mon-Fri 7:00am - 5:00pm or use our Contact Us form to schedule your Polishing. 

       WHEELPer WheelSet of 6
Off Truck$65/each$390.00

On Truck



Super Singles (On or off)







Unlimited Truck Repair Wheel Polishing